The Lotus Position

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First of all, thank you for all your concerns about Louise and me as we have been lying low with covid this week. Thank you to all the offers of help, for all the patience for missed or re-arranged meetings, and especially for helping out when I have simply dipped out of things: Revd Jane and Revd Martin in particular for taking my services and weddings. I am not known for being fashionable, but I do seem to have been fashionably late in finally getting infected (for Louise it’s third time unlucky): I only hope I haven’t passed it around to too many before I discovered the pesky thing was in my blood stream.

Being forced to sit down and do nothing means that I have watched more TV than usual, including a bit of the build up to Glastonbury, which I might otherwise have missed. One thing that’s fascinated me is the big Lotus Tree that has sprung up at the world-famous festival. It’s a huge structure that people can climb to the top of and cast into the tree their own thoughts, memories or reflections, as it says here:

During the Festival, people will be encouraged to write down memories and images of people or situations that they wish to let go of, it may be people who died in the lockdown who were not properly said goodbye to, it may be failed business projects, may even be failed marriages, but the point is that all of these things will be focused on and then placed inside the Lotus.

… well that got me thinking. That all sounds like a moment of prayer and remembrance, and something that we do weekly in church. This very bulletin contains a weekly mention of people in our prayers and on our hearts.

I am so grateful that such a wonderfully spiritual moment is being offered at the festival. I pray that as the messages are sent up in smoke on Sunday evening, we can all pause and consider the years just gone, wherever we are.

We need to take time, weekly, daily, moment by moment, to reflect and offer prayers for those we miss, those we love, those things we wish could be different.

The subtle thing about the Lotus Tree is that God is not mentioned. Is that a good or a bad thing? Each time we pray we are encountering God, and God is with us. Each time we give thanks, or rant or rave, each time we ask for guidance or support, we are encountering God. Do we need to mention God explicitly for this to be real or true? Only God knows. It is only for us to pray.

Covid Update

Given the significant rise in cases locally (not just among the clergy!), I think it is important that we reconsider the way we distribute communion. For the present time, until things settle down again, we will be reverting to the previous system of “priestly intinction” whereby the president offers an “intincted” wafer to communicants. Please do not feel obliged to receive the wine in this way. It is perfectly acceptable to receive only the bread: please let the president know.

Lyngfest! Saturday July 30th, 7pm

Join us in the Village Hall garden for an evening of live music accompanied by Cheese and Cider tasting. Ticket £10 available in advance only. Kids go free. A Pop up Pub will also be available with a good selection of drinks on offer for a suggested donation.

Evening of Romantic Song and Popular Favourites, Sat 20th Aug

Saturday August 20th at 7.30pm in North Curry Church: Gregory Steward, tenor, presents an Evening of Romantic Song and Popular Favourites. Tickets £10 to include a glass of wine/juice: available from North Curry Post Office or from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the door. Under-18s free.

Lyng Harvest Supper, 3rd September at 6pm

Come and celebrate the season with friends and food. Delicious fare for us to share. Ticket £5 available in advance only to include supper and a glass of wine, beer or a soft drink. We will be collecting donations for the local food-bank.

A Pop up Pub will also be available with a good selection of drinks on offer for a suggested donation.

Lyng Quiz Night: 1st Oct at 7pm

Get your thinking caps on for a fun flled quiz evening kindly hosted by Chris Barrington. Prize for the winning team. Followed by raffle. £10 per team of 4. In advance.

A Pop up Pub will also be available with a good selection of drinks on offer for a suggested donation.

A prayer for Ukraine

Father of all,

We hold before you today the country of Ukraine and its people. We have no words to express the sadness we feel for them. We pray that your Holy Spirit will act to bring peace; that violence and brutality will have no place in its lands; that you will hold your people safe

Lord have Mercy

We pray that the people of your world will work together

To protect the poor and the afraid To heal the sick and the dying To free those oppressed and in prison We hold them all before you

Christ have Mercy

We hold before you those we know who are caught up in the situation. We pray for our armed forces. We pray for all those who stand for good in the face of evil. We pray for those hurting and grieving for their country. We hold them all in your love

And above all we pray for hope.

Lord have Mercy


Athelney Prayer

Almighty God, who made all things and sustains all things, we come together remembering the past and full of hope for the future.

We thank you for the part you call us to play in our Benefice's continuing story.

Lord, bind us more closely together and unite us in the work of your kingdom in our communities. Help us to draw on the gifts and talents in our midst and to use them in your service.

May we be a welcoming and loving community, united in worshipping you and open to your guiding Spirit.

Holy Spirit guide us and fill us with vision and energy; make us faithful in prayer and worship, that we may discover your way for the future and see your kingdom grow.

We ask these things in the name of your Son our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Choir practice
19 Aug 2022
04:00PM - 05:00PM

Lyng Coffee Morning
20 Aug 2022
10:30AM - 12:00PM

Wedding: Michelle and Matthew
20 Aug 2022
12:00PM - 05:00PM

Lyng a summer Fete
20 Aug 2022
02:00PM - 03:00PM

An Evening of romantic song and popular favourites with Gregory Steward (North Curry Church)
20 Aug 2022
07:00PM - 10:00PM

Eucharist: BCP (North Curry)
21 Aug 2022
08:00AM - 09:00AM