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St Michael's Church

Burrowbridge as a place did not strictly speaking exist—aside from the toll bridge—until the foundation of the ecclesiastical parish. This was carved out of seven others when St Michaels District Church was built in 1838 by public subscription, after a previous aborted attempt. Thus Christians, and the Parish they founded, are both origin and raison d’être for today’s Burrowbridge.

That said, the history of Burrowbridge is long and curious.

There is the Mump—our very own mini-Glastonbury Tor—which dominates the skyline and presents a mysterious backdrop to the levels. The Mump is topped out with the ruined ancient building of St. Michael’s church. According to which narrative you follow, the church was either built and then not used, built and then used by fell into disrepair, or used but then made unusable during the Reformation or never actually finished. Or, perhaps there’s another story. Please do let us know. In any event, the current church building at the foot of the Mump is where we worship. There are services in St Michael’s every other Sunday.

Now the local school has closed, the pub and church are the two main focuses for community activity in the centre of the village. In the view of the vicar these two premises go very well together.

The bridge at Burrowbridge has its own history, having been a toll bridge until 1946. The ruins of the toll booth can be seen on the south side of the bridge, and are embryonic ideas to rebuild the building. It was a very important route across the levels, and one of the few river crossings between Bridgwater and Langport.

Burrowbridge is a small community of Christian worship and discipleship. Even so, the passion runs deep and the need for a church in the parish is clear.


Coffee Morning

The first Saturday of every month, at 10.30am, in Burrowbridge Church.

Come along and have a chat, a cuppa, a piece of cake or two. Just hang around and be part of things.