Welcome to St Bartholomew's Church, Lyng

A Brief History of the Village and Church

The Church of St Bartholomew is situated in East Lyng but is Lyng Parish Church. Lyng was founded in 937 AD and, at that time was known at Relegen but by the time of William the Conquerer the name had been shortened to Lenge. Two hundred years ago the village was known as Ling and now it is spelt Lyng. King Alfred was defeated by the Danes in 877 and took refuge locally on the Isle of Atheleny, which is now part of the parish of Lyng. In gratitude for his deliverance Alfred founded Athelney Abbey. It was the monks of the abbey who built Lyng Church. The abbey was dissolved by King Henry VIII in February 1539. The site is marked by a stone pillar known as Alfred’s Memorial.

St Bartholomew’s Church is designated as Listed Grade I. The north window of the Chancel is a memorial to Revd AHA Smith who died in 1903. It depicts King Alfred wearing his famous jewel in his crown. Alfred’s jewel was found in Newton Park in 1693 and is housed in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and a replica jewel was given to this Church by Mr L H Hayter in June 1947. The sixteenth century bench ends are remarkably fine and depict several curious designs. They were probably carved by the monks from Athelney. The front two are said to be the narrowest in the country. The Norman Tub Font is probably 12th century. Pictures of Moses and Aaron are hung on the walls of the Tower; the latter is robed as described in Exodus 28, verses 1 and 2. There is a very active Bell Ringing Team. The Church has many other items of interest and is well worth a visit.

If you would like to shown around Pat or Alison (the Church Wardens) will have happy to help you. Their telephone numbers are in the Church porch

Church services for all the Benefice can be found on a schedule in the porch


For those who are sick or in need

We hold in our prayers those affected locally and nationally by the Coronavirus: patients, carers, families, and friends.

We pray also for Alan, Alison, Andrea, Andy, Anne & family, Anne, Aoife, Audrey (2), Barbara, Ben, Bill, Brian, Chris & Jean, Dave & family, Diane, Sally, Edna, Fred and Di, Jean, Val, Jan and Peter, Di, Diane, Eileen, George, Gill, Hannah, Helen, Janet & family, Jean, John, Joyce, Judith & David, Kay, Ken, Lorraine, Louise, Margaret, Mary, Mignon, Pam, Portia, Primrose, Ralph, Rita, Sheila, Sue & Robert, Susan, Thomas, Tom, Victoria, Zillah … ... and for their families and carers, and all those who are in need but not named. Give thanks for those who have recovered.

Prayers for our schools who are currently experiencing some cases of Covid-19.

Years Mind

We call to mind parishioners who have died at this time in recent years.

Elizabeth Howell, Tim Machen, Felicity Wood

Stable Nativity

14th December at 5pm in Withy Cottage, Wrantage, TA3 6DJ, home of Mary Piers. Real donkey, real stable, real mud, real food and real mulled wine. Real Good! Wear stout shoes and a hat and glvoes (and whatever else you feel is necessary).

Community Christmas Food/Toy Bank in Stoke St Gregory

As this festive season approaches with all of its trappings of food and gifts it is well worth reflecting on those in distressed circumstances who do not have the resources to participate in the festive cheer. At the initiative of Anne Merritt, the suggestion is that we set up a community food and toy bank, which will be overseen by the SSG Parish Council, such that those who are less fortunate and in particular children can benefit from the generosity of fellow members of the community. Donations can be left at the Shop or the Pub at any time where they will be stored prior to distribution during the week before Christmas. Toys and games of all description would be particularly appreciated, provided they are new or in in very good condition. If you wish to donate fresh produce to be delivered before Christmas this can be ordered though the shop. In anticipation of a positive response the Parish Council would like to thank all who are able to contribute.

In Ecclesia Choral Evensong

Evensong in North Curry this Sunday evening, 21st November, will be at the earlier time of 4pm. We shall be joined by the choir In Ecclesia. It promises to be a very beautiful time of worship. In Ecclesia was founded in 1955 by a small group of church music enthusiasts whose aim was to bring part of the great choral heritage of the Church of England to the rural churches of Somerset and beyond. Originally known as the Rural Church Singers, the choir was re-named in 1995 but maintains the original aim of the choir. Please endeavour to be in your seat by 3.45pm. All welcome, of course!

From Mary Piers

We now Officially have a Vicar! Quite frankly I believe we have all felt from December 2020 that Simon has been our Vicar. Church of England Law have meant that on 17 November this came to pass and Simon is no longer Priest-in-Charge. We are truly blessed to have Simon and Louise with us.

What challenging times we have had in the Parish and Benefice over these past couple of years. Not only an Interregnum but Covid to boot. On behalf of the Churchwardens and PCC in North Curry can I say a huge thank you to all our wonderful Volunteers in the Church and indeed to the whole Community for the untiring and tremendous support you have given. We are truly grateful and it has helped enormously to keep our Church thriving and a source of comfort for one and all. We wish you a very peaceful Christmas and a contented and healthy 2022. Three words to close: God Answers Prayers!

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