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Arranging a baptism

in the Athelney Benefice


There are a few requirements for baptism. Some more logistical than religious, but some are very much about the words that are said during the baptism service.


Seven days need to elapse between asking for baptism and being baptised. Other than that, there are no requirements for any notices to be issued or documents prepared


Ideally you would get bptised in your home parish church. You may, however, have good reasons to prefer a particulr prish (e.g. having grown up there, or that you were baptised there etc.) There are no special expectations, othe nthan that it seems appropriate to the priest who is conducting the baptism.

Meeting up

Baptism is a serious and significant life choice and the priest who will take the service will want to meet with you to run through a few issues with you. This is nothing to be scared about! Honest! It's just good to have a chat about what it all means. There is a short explantion of this under "why get baptised", on the right. The chat will last around half an hour.


The ideal number is three or four. This is not to exclude everyone but simply to remind ourselves that being a godparent is a life-long commitment rather than a one-off appearance at the font. More than four is not impossible, but the priest will want to make sure there is god reason for the extra numbers.