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North Curry Methodist Church

Visit of the Vice President of the Methodist Church, Mr Anthony Boateng

By Reverend Deborah Kirk (01823 334854 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Plymouth and Exeter Methodist District was delighted to welcome the Vice President of the Methodist Church, Mr Anthony Boateng for his visit over the Coronation weekend.  Anthony was invited to spend his time in two of the four Somerset Circuits of the District, joining in some of the events which had been planned around the Coronation celebrations. Anthony is a Local Preacher from the London District, with a passion for social action, politics, church unity, spiritual revival and creative ways of worship. He has been a member of the Conference since 2014.   Anthony serves on several committees across the Church including as a convenor of the London District Social Responsibility Commission, and is a member of the Church Action for Tax Justice Management committee. In his ‘day job’ Anthony is a caseworker for Ingeus - a government Work and Health Programme.

Sunday dawned bright as Anthony returned to Taunton to lead morning worship at Temple Methodist Church.  Rev Dr Daniel Haylett joined the congregation, which was complemented by other members from around the Circuit – including the North Curry Methodist congregation

Anthony preached inspirationally and powerfully on the theme of revival for these days, and encouraged the congregation to continue to listen and respond to God’s voice through his Holy Spirit, building on the strong foundations of our forebears to build and transform our communities. 

Monday was spent joining a working party in the garden of Lisieux Way Methodist Church, together with student volunteers from King’s College and others who had come to share in the ‘Big Clean Up’.  The working party transitioned into a Garden Party with refreshments and relaxation!

The Vice President was interested in the initiatives that were already in place around the Circuit, including the post-Covid ‘new shoots’ of possibility, and reflected with realism about the challenges of the wider church.  He left us feeling encouraged and with a renewed confidence in Christ and our participation in the mission of God.