Our Congregations

The Four Parishes

The congregations are middle-aged and upwards, but younger people come when there is a school event and churches are much fuller at festival times. There are good links with the Baptists in Stoke St Gregory, with the churches joining together for worship and study throughout the year. Likewise, the Methodist Church in North Curry has strong links with the parish church with joint worship e.g. Covenant Service. The Benefice, Methodist and Baptist churches have agreed to collaborate next year on a combined World Day of Prayer.

Both primary schools (in North Curry and Stoke St Gregory) have a strong Christian ethos and the head teachers, staff and governors are very supportive. Ministers from all the local churches take part in Collective Worship, and a joint Open the Book team present Bible stories every month in term time.


Songs of Praise

Please start giving some thought to your favourites. The Sunday worship at Stoke St Gregory on 18th July will be a combined “Songs of Praise” with the Baptist church. It will be outdoors and so we will be able to sing openly and without masks… O Joy! There will be a suggestion form in church in Lyng on 13th June and subsequently in Stoke St Gregory.

United Service

We are gathering tomorrow (13th June) for our monthly united benefice Eucharist. This month it is at St Bartholomew's, Lyng. Parking is available in the "Old Pub Carpark": thank you!

Coffee Wednesday

It has been a while but Coffee Wednesday is returning to North Curry Church. You may remember it as Coffee Monday, but the vicar's day off is Monday and he doesn't want to miss out!

10am every week starting 9th June in the church. There will be cake.

New look website

It is not fully formed, and there are some odd gaps but as of this week (10th June 2021) it is going live. Please be patient as we continue to develop it and add many more features. Thanks!

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